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Chesapeake Bay Coatings Considered America’s Specialists for Cost-Effective Pool Paints

For those that own commercial swimming pool areas, it’s imperative to protect that investment so that it continues to provide enjoyment to guests and increasing revenue growth in the future. Now, many owners are searching for swimming pool paints that work to preserve the aesthetic quality of the area by protecting against environmental factors such as chlorine and UV rays. One specialist is leading the field in this area in the US and they’re now offering clients access to industry-approved pool paints designed for superior long-term durability.

Chesapeake Bay Coatings has developed into one of the most trusted coatings providers in the United States since the company’s creation in 2003. The organization has built a reputation for service excellence by consistently working to meet their clients’ requirements for highly durable coatings that stand the test of time in a wide variety of heavy-duty environments from swimming pool areas to industrial factories. They are able to create this large variety of products to spec due to the company’s 50-years of combined in-house experience. This experience means that whenever clients have specific questions about the content of the company’s coatings or questions about recommended applications, the questions can be answered by direct experts in the field.

Because of the company’s experience, the team at Chesapeake Bay Coatings understands that sometimes companies have an immediate need for specific amounts of a certain coating product. That’s why they’re one of the few companies within the US industry that has no set minimum order amounts and offer color-matching on coatings for amounts as small as one gallon. The company believes that clients should be provided with the exact product they require.

The organization’s catalogue is replete with some of the leading solutions available anywhere within the US coatings industry. Clients may wish to consider for example the vast array of leading class coatings available within the company’s selection of pool paints. Within the selection is the exceptionally popular Pool Shield™ Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint. This high solids chlorinated rubber solution has been designed to offer leading class reliability for the most demanding of coatings jobs.  Like many of the company’s pool paints, this solution has been chemically engineered to ensure that it protects the area against the elements and will not chip, fade or chalk over time, therefore ensuring the pool area will retain their aesthetic value.

Whether clients have newer or older model swimming pools, the Pool Shield™ Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint is the ideal product for pools that undergo annual maintenance. And because the Pool Shield™ Chlorinated Rubber Pool Paint is the only VOC compliant pool paint on the market today, clients can rest assured that they’re receiving one of the best solutions for their long-term pool preservation requirements.

With a broad range of expertly designed coatings, Chesapeake Bay Coatings is one of the industry’s leading solutions providers. To find out how much your organization can save on their next big coatings purchase, contact the company’s in-house team today.

About Chesapeake Bay Coatings:

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Chesapeake Bay Coatings Inc. supplies military spec paint and coatings, aerospace, industrial and commercial paint, latex and alkyd oil paint, and oil-based and water-based polyurethane to clients across the United States. For more information, please visit www.chesapeakebaycoatings.com