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Chesapeake Bay Coatings Introduce New Epoxy Pool Paint Products to Company Catalogue

Leading US distributors for Federal and GSA specification paints, Chesapeake Bay Coatings has recently announced that the organization has added several new epoxy pool paint products to their line of swimming pool paints. The organization’s new solutions are designed to enhance the resistance level of pool areas against environmental factors such as algae and UV rays from the sun.

Few swimming pool owners are aware of the detrimental factors affecting their pool area each day. Chemical abrasion from chlorine, coating fading from UV light and slime build up are just a few of the environmental problems that many owners will face continually as they attempt to keep their swimming pools in the requisite condition for enjoyable use. Now Chesapeake Bay Coatings is offering several new epoxy pool paint products chemically engineered to help pool owners gain the upper hand against such environment factors.

One of the latest products to be added to the company catalogue is the Pool Guard EHB™ Epoxy High Build. Pool Guard EHB™ is considered one of the leading two-part high build epoxy coatings on the market today. It offers coatings a hard tile finish and is exquisitely designed to assure perfect application each time, even on pool surface areas that are uneven.

The 1:1 ratio within the product ensures that it is also the requisite solution to resolve heavy-duty pool coating requirements, where competitor products simply don’t have the chemical resolve to match the client’s needs. The Pool Guard EHB™ features silicone and UV stabilizers that act like a sun block, therefore providing superior protection against algae, chalking and fading compared to other industry-leading solutions.

The team at Chesapeake Bay Coatings has also infused the product with a quick-drying chemical composition that ensures long-term durability for years of trouble-free use with one application.  And the Pool Guard EHB™ solution can be utilized on a broad array of surfaces such as bare concrete, fiber glass and plaster, so it’s the ideal solution for companies that work with several different styles of swimming pool construction.

Specialists for long-lasting coatings excellence, Chesapeake Bay Coatings continues to lead the field for cost-effective, expertly-engineered solutions that stand the test of time. To learn more about the latest products available through the company please visit their website at www.chesapeakebaycoatings.com.