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Chesapeake Bay Coatings – Leading Providers of High Durability Deck Paints

Quality deck paints are imperative in helping homeowners with outdoor swimming areas to ensure that the area remains aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound in the long-term. Without the right expertise however, it can be difficult to distinguish one product from another. That’s why construction teams and homeowners from across the country are now turning to distributors of high quality coatings such as Chesapeake Bay Coatings.

Chesapeake Bay Coatings specializing in the distribution of the industry’s top’s commercial, military and aerospace paints. The company has become one of the clear leaders within the coatings industry in the United States by working to continually exceed their clients’ expectations. One way of accomplishing this is by offering some of the fastest lead times within the industry.

Due to the company’s exceptional warehousing and distribution capabilities, they are able to ship products to all points across the United States within a 48-hour timeframe. This is ideal for organizations that are attempting to compete with the increasingly globalized business field, because it means that they can gain access to high quality solutions within a short space of time in order to fulfill their customers’ demands.

Clients also choose to work directly with Chesapeake Bay Coatings because they have the experience and the expertise to respond to any question about specific coatings applications. The in-house team at Chesapeake Bay Coatings has over 50-years of combined industry experience and can respond to clients with up-to-date information about the industry-leading solutions available through the company catalogue.

Within this catalogue clients will find products for most all coating requirements. Consider for example the coatings available within the deck paints section of the company catalogue. Within this area of the catalogue is the company’s exceptionally popular Deck Kote™ Acrylic Water-based Deck Paint. This product has been engineered by the deck paint experts at Chesapeake Bay Coatings to ensure superior protection against chlorine and other environmental contaminants that are commonly found within pool-side areas. For those operating commercial swimming pool areas, the Deck Kote™ Acrylic Water-based Deck Paint is the requisite product of choice because it cures exceptionally fast. Pool areas will be ready for use again in as little as two days when this leading-class product is used.

Another of the leading reasons why so many homeowners and commercial swimming pool owners are now utilizing the Deck Kote™ Acrylic Water-based Deck Paint is that the product has excellent color retention quality, and it’s been designed to be effective against the detrimental effects of UV rays, which means that tiling and other pool-side materials retain their aesthetic qualities for the long-term. And because the team at Chesapeake Bay Coatings has over 50-years combined experience working within the coatings industry and know the application process inside and out, they’ve designed the Deck Kote™ Acrylic Water-based Deck Paint to be easy to apply to a multitude of surfaces.

Truly, no other specialist can offer the personalized services and the high quality solutions available through Chesapeake Bay Coatings. Contact the company today to learn more about the latest additions to their coatings catalogue.

About Chesapeake Bay Coatings:

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Chesapeake Bay Coatings Inc. supplies military spec paint and coatings, aerospace, industrial and commercial paint, latex and alkyd oil paint, and oil-based and water-based polyurethane to clients across the United States. For more information, please visit www.chesapeakebaycoatings.com