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Chesapeake Bay Coatings Now Offering Epoxy Topcoat Products to Mil-PRF-22750 Specification

Baltimore, MD-based coatings experts, Chesapeake Bay Coatings have recently announced they’re now offering products meeting the Mil-PRF-22750 epoxy top coat specification. Mil-PRF-22750 products are chemically-cured epoxy-polyamine top coats designed for application on military aircraft and ground equipment. It’s a product assured to offer high impact resistance as well as durability to temperature extremes.

Within the coatings marketplace, military suppliers are searching for coatings products that offer the highest level of durability against many of the elements impacting teams in combat. From challenging weather to the potential for impacts on the battlefield, a range of elements must be considered when purchasing coatings for military applications. It’s the reason that companies across the country entrust their coatings needs to specialists such as Chesapeake Bay Coatings.

Chesapeake Bay Coatings is a company with over a decade of experience serving the needs of the military and the federal government with the highest quality coatings products. And they’re now offering products built to the epoxy top coat specification Mil-PRF-22750. The company can offer products under the Mil-PRF-22750 specification in any color, thereby assuring customization flexibility for clients across the region. When used over expertly primed substrates, Mil-PRF-22750 coatings assure superior level protection against weathering, salt spray, and humidity for aircraft and ground equipment.

High performance coatings are now available within a 48-hour turnaround time from Chesapeake Bay Coatings. To learn more about the company’s products or to order Mil-PRF-22750 through the company, please contact their offices at 800.866.6470 or visit their business website at www.chesapeakebaycoatings.com.