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Chesapeake Bay Coatings Offering Industry’s Top, Most Cost-Effective Swimming Pool Paints

Within commercial swimming pool areas it’s imperative that surfaces are built for premium levels of safety and long-term durability. One of the key ways of achieving this multifaceted surface quality is by integrating leading swimming pool paints from the industry’s top manufacturers. For companies within the DC area and indeed across the United States, there’s no more trustworthy and recognized provider than Chesapeake Bay Coatings.

Chesapeake Bay Coatings has become known as one of the most dependable specialists for a broad range of coatings solutions designed to enhance surfaces in industrial, residential and military applications. One of the reasons that so many clients now trust the work of the Chesapeake Bay Coatings specialists is because the organization can quickly respond to any coatings requirement. This is ideal within the commercial environment where demand fluctuates and can often increase tremendously over a short period of time, requiring companies to partner with specialists such as Chesapeake Bay Coatings to ensure they have enough material in stock to cover the upswing in demand.

The company has become adept at shipping orders to all points across the United States within as little as 48 hours of order receipt. This means that clients can quickly access some of the best coatings products the industry has to offer. Chesapeake Bay Coatings’ shipping capabilities are enhanced by their modern warehouse, which is large enough to store a broad range of catalogue products in the request conditions for quick delivery to the customer.

As an experienced organization within the US coatings industry, Chesapeake Bay Coatings has over 50 years of in-house experience. This experience covers a range of core areas within the coatings field including manufacturing and color matching for Federal and GSA specification paints to ensure that industry standards are met across the board. Clients of Chesapeake Bay Coatings also appreciate the company’s ability to color match on orders as little as one gallon. This is rare within an industry which often requires bulk orders for such highly refined capabilities, and ensures that clients of Chesapeake Bay Coatings are able to quickly locate a specific amount of product for a short-term order.

Some of the organization’s most highly acclaimed products can be found within their collection of swimming pool paints. Within this selection of coatings is the Pool Guard EHB™ Epoxy High Build, which is designed to protect pool areas from common environment issues such as algae, UV rays and chalking. Pool Guard EHB™ Epoxy High Build is ideal for areas in which tiles have been fitted improperly, as it has excellent fill qualities that ensure tight integration even when surface areas are uneven. The silicone and UV stabilizers within the product are designed to act as a sunblock, making the Pool Guard EHB™ Epoxy High Build solution one of the ideal paints for outdoor swimming pool applications where sun can often erode tiles and areas around the pool.

Chesapeake Bay Coatings is the leading specialist for a broad range of customized coating materials. Contact their development team today to learn more about the superb properties of their current product line. Experienced coatings specialists are a simple phone call away.

About Chesapeake Bay Coatings:

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Chesapeake Bay Coatings Inc. supplies military spec paint and coatings, aerospace, industrial and commercial paint, latex and alkyd oil paint, and oil-based and water-based polyurethane to clients across the United States. For more information, please visit www.chesapeakebaycoatings.com