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White, ready-mixed & custom colors

Generic: Aliphatic Acrylic Polyurethane

General description: A high performance, two-component chemically-cured aliphatic Urethane gloss enamel for use in areas where maximum gloss & color retention are required.

Typical uses: For use on properly prepared and primed steel, concrete or steel floors, masonry, drywall, plaster, metal, concrete block, galvanized, Aluminum, poured concrete, and glazed brick. Ideal for use on exterior or interior structural steel, piping, metal buildings, control cabinetry, conveyors, pumps, storage tank exteriors, motors, machinery, and transportation vehicles.

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DEVTHANE™ 379UVA Aliphatic Urethane Gloss Enamel

DEVTHANE™ 379UVA Aliphatic Urethane Gloss Enamel

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379C0910,White (379K1000), ready-mixed & custom colors

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