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MIL-DTL-53022 TY1


Intended uses a two component, Epoxy Polyamide, corrosion inhibiting primer, suited for high performance application lead and Chrome free, outperforms Zinc Chromate primer

Caution :This product is for industrial use only.

Item #: MIL-DTL-53022
Rating: Not Rated Yet
Mil-Spec Number MIL-P-530225
Color White
Volume Solids 40 %
Weight Solids 62 %
Viscosity 62 - 72 KU
Weight per Gallon 11.11
Gloss @ 60 Degree 10 - 30
VOC 4.22
Film Thickness 1.0 - 1.5 mils
Theoretical Coverage 600 ft²/gal.
Salt Spray Test 336 Hrs
Humidity Test 300 Hrs
Manufacturer Part Number N1008A
Application Information
  • Methods: Conventional spray, HVLP, AAA, airless

  • Mix ratio: After thoroughly mixing, mix 4 parts comp. a with 1 part comp b, may be used with proportioning equipment- no induction (sweat) time required.

  • Reducer: Ideal reducer is T-236 Epoxy reducer, may use MIBK, MEK up to 20%

  • Cleaner: T-236 Epoxy reducer, recommended cleaning solvent.

  • Pot life: 4-6 hours, 6-8 hours if reduced, at 70°F. Pot life diminishes as temp rises

  • Dry time: Air dry, set to touch 30 min. dry through 4 hrs., force dry 10 min flash- bake 30 min @ 180-200°F

  • Time to recoat: Time, temperature, film build as guides.

Surface Preparation

Surface should be clean of all grease, dirt, oil, rust and foreign material which would be detrimental to the coating. Chemical pre-treatment, IAW TT-C-490, such as wash primer, DOD-P-15328 (B-875 & T-63) or Zinc Phosphate as required. Blasting to SSPC-SP6/NACE #3 or better is appropriate on steel where it may be preformed.

Aluminum: Clean surface to be free of all surface contaminants. Pre-treat per MIL-C-5541, wash primer DOD-P-15328 (B-875 & T-63) or anodize per MIL-A-8625.

Galvanize: Clean and remove "White rust" from surface and then treat with DOD-P-15328 wash primer (B-875 & T-63)

Safety Information

Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet prior to application for detailed information on the health and safety hazards.


This product must be stored in accordance with Local, State, and National Regulations.

Preferred storage conditions:
  • Keep containers in a dry space with adequate ventilation

  • The containers should be tightly sealed

  • Handle with care

  • Stir well before use

  • Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture

Dry Time / Cure

Cure is a function of time, temperature, and film build. Should be dust free in less than 30 min. @ 70°F . Through cure a function of DFT, and temperature.


The information is supplied as a guideline to our customers. The user must be aware of the cleaning, pretreatment, application and testing requirements for their specific job.


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