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MIL-DTL-64159 TY2 595-33446 (686 TAN)


A water reducible 2K Chemical Agent Resistant coating meeting MIL-DTL-64159 type II intended uses: Provides visual and infrared camouflage to military vehicles and equipment. Resistant to chemical warfare agents and decontaminating materials. Compared to previous CARC topcoats, it provides superior weather and mar resistance.

Caution :This product is for industrial use only.

Item #: MIL-DTL-64159
Rating: Not Rated Yet
Mil-Spec Number MIL-DTL-64159
Color Tan 686 33446 Fed Std. 595 Number
Volume Solids 35 7 %
Weight Solids 48.6 %
Min. Film Thickness DFT 1.8 mils
Weatherometer Test Xenon Arc 300+ hrs
Viscosity 70 - 80 KU
Weight per Gallon 10.4
VOC 1.5 lbs/gal Mixed
Theoretical Coverage 750 @1 mil DFT Mixed, Unreduced
Max. Gloss @ 85 Degree Meter 3.5
QPL Approved QPL-1694
Specification MIL-DTL-64159 Type II
Manufacturer Part Number N-8067A
Application Information
  • Methods: Conventional spray, HVLP, air assisted airless, airless

  • Mix ratio: Mix 2 parts N8067A with 1 part H20B activator. Use up to 1/2 part water to thin

  • Reducer: Water

  • Cleaner: Water

  • Pot life: 4 hours @ 78°F, may decrease as temp increases, typical 2K

  • Dry Time: 60 min to touch, dry hard 6 hours, dry through 8 hours maximum at 77°F, 50% RH

  • Time to recoat:Minimum flash dry between coats. No limitations but cleaning and sanding may be required

  • Primers: MIL-P-23377, MIL-P-53022, MIL-P-53030, or MIL-P-85582

Surface Preparation

Surface should be clean of all grease, dirt, oil, rust and foreign material which would be detrimental to the coating.

Safety Information

Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet prior to application for detailed information on the health and safety hazards.


This product must be stored in accordance with Local, State, and National Regulations.

Preferred storage conditions:

  • Keep containers in a dry space with adequate ventilation

  • Minimum temperature of 40°F and a maximum temperature of 110°F

  • The containers should be tightly sealed

  • Handle with care

  • Stir well before use

  • Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture.

Dry Time / Cure

Force dry 45 minutes at 180°F. To dry hard may require flash off time up to one hour.Before force dry (gloss will "die back" when water is evaporated and paint can be baked). Air movement via fans or dehumidification can shorten flash off time needed.


Use of a mechanical mixer is recommended, hand stirring will not adequately mix both components. Heavy applications over 8 mils wet may lead to blisters in finish film. Application and use of this product is outlined in MIL-DTL-53072C, which should take precedence as a CARC processing guideline. Also see NCP Application Bulletin for more information. DO NOT APPLY when ambient air temperature is less than dew point.


The information is supplied as a guideline to our customers. The user must be aware of the cleaning, pretreatment, application and testing requirements for their specific job.


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